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About Us

Safed House is a 501 c-3 non-profit that provides a welcoming place for refugees and recent immigrants to share their stories. Our goal is to develop a culturally sensitive space for refugees to find voice in the American tapestry.

Safed House takes its inspiration from Safed, a small town in the northern Galilee, once home to many Palestinians who became refugees in 1948. The founders of Safed House are a mixed household reigning from Palestinian and Jewish American descent.

We hope to create an environment where refugees, from the Middle East and elsewhere plus recent immigrants can tell their stories with the goal of bridge building into the community at large. The organization is focused on programs and activities to help shift the perspective in America regarding refugees from one of daunting and fearful statistics of human displacement to one worthy of compassion and awe.We hope to initiate this vis-à-vis highlighting individual's stories of transitioning to life in a new place, an experience every American and human has in some sense lived. Safed House aims to instill hope, resilience, and empowerment for those with refugee status.

Our first program is an essay writing contest. 2017 is the inaugural year for the contest and Safed House will conduct a writing program on an annual basis. The first year, we were able to attract over 50 contestants of various ethnicities to participate. The turnout demonstrates the demand for and need by recent immigrant and refugee populations to have their stories heard.

Through digital media education, Safed House will demonstrate how refugees and immigrants have and continue to improve America. The need is greater than ever to build empathy for our fellow humans. Intolerance has raised its ugly head in America. Building empathy for refugees will stem this tide.