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How to Get Involved


We are seeking volunteers to work with us on various projects including helping Safed House to coordinate the annual essay contest programs and  focus groups. 


If you would like to work with one of our selected Safed House fellows and would like to take them on as a mentee, contact us.

Community Development

Help expand awareness of Safed House in your local community.

Share Your Stories

If you are a refugee and think you have a unique story that you want to share via our digital platform, contact us to discuss. Or you can email some details so that we can explore further with you.


The need is greater than ever to build empathy for our fellow humans.  Intolerance has raised its ugly head in America.  Building empathy will stem this tide.  Through digital media education, Safed House will demonstrate how refugees have continued to improve America.  

For our work we are seeking donations and would welcome any support you might want to give.